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Get rid of Racist Cunts on NG

2008-11-26 17:44:48 by 00Assclown

I couldn't give 2 fucks what people think of each other as long as they keep it to themselves
But when a person has enough spare time to put together some shitty little asswipe flash to offend black people, well thats the biggest pisstake of all
Scum like that should have their accounts deleted and people responding to them in a negative way should NOT have their reviews banned
I keep getting banned for telling Racists fucks where to shove their shitty flash
Wouldn't have that problem if they didn't post the shit in first place
Any facist fucks reading this...Hitler is a fucking fag, always was, always has been and always will be


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2008-11-26 17:52:26


00Assclown responds:

You shut the fuck up, douche
Don't comment my posts if you don't like them, fucking fag


2008-11-26 18:10:47

Those flashes only take about 3 minutes to make. It's worth it.


2008-11-26 18:24:56

Although I hate radicals with a passion. I despise racists with all my heart, because they are the epitome of what I hate most; ignorant morons, but to delete their shit would be censorship.

If we censor them, what's next? It would spiral out of control. So, all we gotta do is vote accordingly to shitty flashes, leave reviews on why we don't like them, and be done with it.

00Assclown responds:

Intresting point, but I'm not a radical. I was just trying to see how many twisted dicks commented on this post so I could torment them because I also hate racists with all my heart


2008-11-26 18:44:10

I agree with you, racism is not accepted in public (by law in some parts of the USA) nor should it be accepted in here

00Assclown responds:

Couldn't of put it better myself


2008-11-26 19:09:23



00Assclown responds:

You too


2008-11-26 19:33:32

Ya,why are there people in this world that are mean to people becuse the color of there skin.How the heck is that person to deside what there color is,and even more those racist people shouldnt even give a darn about there color and more about there personallity.I also think that if someone is racists do keep it to yourself!Words hurt more that any other pain in the world,also war is veryyyyyyy bad.I think G.W.B really screwed the U.S really badly.In this world we dont need greed i mean becuse in the UK gas is like $10 (usa currency) a gallon!
Sorry got off track.......Well you know in Iroq I think the US should gtfo of there cuz were blowin 10 bill a week witch we really cant afford right now cuz are econmony is taking the biggest sht in awhile.This world is just evil and greed and those people who make this world that way should be locked up for awhile til they stop or be exacuted.

00Assclown responds:

Theres just some sad people am afraid, didn't get loved as a child so they take it out on people different to themselves
Sad cunts


2008-11-26 19:43:17

You get banned because you make too many abusive reviews, which give us (by us, I mean those that flag such reviews) free whistle points.

If you stopped posting abusive reviews, maybe you'd stop getting banned. Also, BananaBreadMuffin is a Nazi.

(Updated ) 00Assclown responds:

It seems only fair to leave an abusive review on an abusive flash


2008-11-28 17:43:29

zomfg, im your biggest fan!!!!

00Assclown responds:

And I'm yours


2008-12-15 06:43:03

preach ma brotha!!! preach!!!

00Assclown responds:

Lol, will do ;]


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