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2008-11-18 05:08:16 by 00Assclown

What the fuck?!
Why is the word 'Noob' used as an insult?
Do tha thick shits not know what it means?
Noob actually means Newbie so why call someone who insults you a noob? =S
Theres much better words like:

One-eyed snake,
Pussy pleaser,
Beef bayonet,
Flesh Rocket,
Sunrise surprise,
BMW (big morning wood),
Bitch Splitter,
Meat pole,
Mornin Horn,
Ankle spanker,
Beaver Buster,
Clit tickler,
Cream filled sausage,
Tube steak,
Beaver cleaver,
Pork sword,
The heat-seeking moisture missile,
Splattering Ram,
Purple Headed Warrior,
Magic Johnson,
Russell The One-Eyed Wonder Muscle,
Gristle Missle,
Pumping Pole of Penile Power,
Harry & the Hendersons,
Granite Edifice,
One-Eyed Fred,
Dip Stick,
Piss Pump,
Meat Wrench,
Pork Pipe,
Blue-veined Junket Pumper,
Love Pump,
Richard and the Twins,
One Eyed Wonder Weasel,
Ralph The Fur Faced Chicken,
Tobias the Cheeky Monkey,
Trouser Snake,
Thrill Drill,
Sex Pistol,
One Hole Friction Whistle,
The Pink Oboe,
Purple-Helmeted Yogurt Thrower,
Trouser Trout,
Vlad The Impaler,
Love Truncheon,
Hot Beef Injector,
Hairy Toothbrush,
Purple Headed Monster,
Angry Bishop,
Fuck Stick,
Fuck Stump,
Gammon rod,
Hairy Breadstick,
Purple one eyed womb ferret,
Flounder Pounder,
10 inch screw shanked bull headed cow killer,
Sherman the one eyed German,
Purple-headed people maker,
Womb Raider,
Lean lumber,
Blue-viened custard chucker,
Spam javelin

No reason there all names you would call ya cock, lol
Just funny to call people them =P

So don't be a 'Noob' call them a boob ;)


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2008-11-18 08:56:26

well uh thts great
i think imma start callin ppl sex pistol!
thts a lot of freakish names to be callin someone....

00Assclown responds:

Better than hearing Noob all the time though , lol