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What the hell

2008-11-14 07:19:43 by 00Assclown

I got banned from reviewing anything for 10 days for making an abusive comment on someone's flash when the flash itself was abusive to 'Naruto' and viewers, the author's username is abusive and his description of the flash was abusive to viewers
I think it's discrimination and injusticified
Pretty fuckin ridiculous actually


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2008-11-14 07:21:32

injustified *


2008-11-14 09:03:08

wow u got banned for that! WHAT A JOKE! anyway Hi and Whats Up?

00Assclown responds:

Hey, nowt much
And yeah, he can be a joke
You ok?


2008-11-14 09:12:56

haha yea im ok!why?