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New to Newgrounds =P

2008-10-22 21:36:18 by 00Assclown

If anyone feels like helping me out theres my:-
Bebo - <a><a>
MySpace - <a> eeeeeeeeeeeee<a>
FaceBook - Fuck FaceBook, I can't get my URL... lol


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2008-10-23 12:47:38

im new 2.

00Assclown responds:

Ah cool, lol
Well hope you get the hang of it, dude


2008-10-24 00:32:33

I'm a Flash Creator. Why not give me some helpful advice?

00Assclown responds:

Sorry dude, I don't make flashes =\
Infact, I'd like to try making them myself to see how hard it is but I don't have the software