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Vocals - Jim Morrison (The Doors)
Lead guitar - Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Bass - Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
Keyboards - Jon Lord (Deep Purple)
Drums - Keith Moon (The Who)
Backing vocals - Janis Joplin

Band name ideas ? =P

Get rid of Racist Cunts on NG

2008-11-26 17:44:48 by 00Assclown

I couldn't give 2 fucks what people think of each other as long as they keep it to themselves
But when a person has enough spare time to put together some shitty little asswipe flash to offend black people, well thats the biggest pisstake of all
Scum like that should have their accounts deleted and people responding to them in a negative way should NOT have their reviews banned
I keep getting banned for telling Racists fucks where to shove their shitty flash
Wouldn't have that problem if they didn't post the shit in first place
Any facist fucks reading this...Hitler is a fucking fag, always was, always has been and always will be

:'[ My dogs gettin put down

2008-11-18 15:05:05 by 00Assclown

A feel propa shit - Love me dog, she's called Sasha and she's a Labrador
Av just found out she has cancer all over her body
She's only 4, arr am gonna miss her so much =[

:'[ My dogs gettin put down


2008-11-18 05:08:16 by 00Assclown

What the fuck?!
Why is the word 'Noob' used as an insult?
Do tha thick shits not know what it means?
Noob actually means Newbie so why call someone who insults you a noob? =S
Theres much better words like:

One-eyed snake,
Pussy pleaser,
Beef bayonet,
Flesh Rocket,
Sunrise surprise,
BMW (big morning wood),
Bitch Splitter,
Meat pole,
Mornin Horn,
Ankle spanker,
Beaver Buster,
Clit tickler,
Cream filled sausage,
Tube steak,
Beaver cleaver,
Pork sword,
The heat-seeking moisture missile,
Splattering Ram,
Purple Headed Warrior,
Magic Johnson,
Russell The One-Eyed Wonder Muscle,
Gristle Missle,
Pumping Pole of Penile Power,
Harry & the Hendersons,
Granite Edifice,
One-Eyed Fred,
Dip Stick,
Piss Pump,
Meat Wrench,
Pork Pipe,
Blue-veined Junket Pumper,
Love Pump,
Richard and the Twins,
One Eyed Wonder Weasel,
Ralph The Fur Faced Chicken,
Tobias the Cheeky Monkey,
Trouser Snake,
Thrill Drill,
Sex Pistol,
One Hole Friction Whistle,
The Pink Oboe,
Purple-Helmeted Yogurt Thrower,
Trouser Trout,
Vlad The Impaler,
Love Truncheon,
Hot Beef Injector,
Hairy Toothbrush,
Purple Headed Monster,
Angry Bishop,
Fuck Stick,
Fuck Stump,
Gammon rod,
Hairy Breadstick,
Purple one eyed womb ferret,
Flounder Pounder,
10 inch screw shanked bull headed cow killer,
Sherman the one eyed German,
Purple-headed people maker,
Womb Raider,
Lean lumber,
Blue-viened custard chucker,
Spam javelin

No reason there all names you would call ya cock, lol
Just funny to call people them =P

So don't be a 'Noob' call them a boob ;)

What the hell

2008-11-14 07:19:43 by 00Assclown

I got banned from reviewing anything for 10 days for making an abusive comment on someone's flash when the flash itself was abusive to 'Naruto' and viewers, the author's username is abusive and his description of the flash was abusive to viewers
I think it's discrimination and injusticified
Pretty fuckin ridiculous actually


2008-10-26 21:51:06 by 00Assclown

I can't view flashes and I can't hear volume on games
Whats up?
It's seriously annoying the shiz out of me
Any help appreicated

Need some sort of Flash software

2008-10-24 00:45:17 by 00Assclown

Hey peeps, I really would like a Flash programme so I can try make a movie
If anyone has one they could send me I'd really appreciate it
Thanks dudes

New to Newgrounds =P

2008-10-22 21:36:18 by 00Assclown

If anyone feels like helping me out theres my:-
Bebo - <a><a>
MySpace - <a> eeeeeeeeeeeee<a>
FaceBook - Fuck FaceBook, I can't get my URL... lol